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Secure organizational identity

Your secure organizational identity starts with a vLEI identitifier and credentials

vLEI identities are Portable, Trusted, and Compliant

Once your organization has its vLEI Identifiers and Credentials you can use them for:

Digitally sign

Securely sign agreements and regulatory reports

Internal identity

Manage the roles and credentials of your employees, contractors, and partners

Supply chain

Rapidly authenticate your whole supply chain

Open Standards

Leverage the ISO, Trust over IP, and KERI standards for global reach

Portable identity

You can use your vLEI identity anywhere in the world and on any secure device including on the web, mobile, and HSM

Maximally Secure

Your organizations identity is the foundation of its security. The vLEI is the most resilient cryptographic identity system in the world. It is even prepared for post-quantum attacks.

What we offer


We provide all of the services your organization needs to use your vLEI everywhere.


We have the expertise to transition your organization and software to the most secure global identity network in the world.

Customized Solutions

Adapting the vLEI to your needs is our specialty.