The first Open Source Identity Wallet on Cardano

RootsID is an open source development group building SSI standards based software. RootsWallet is our mobile identity wallet. The alpha version was released in June of 2022 for Android and is useful for demonstrating SSI concepts on the Cardano Atala Prism identity platform. We are working quickly to adopt SSI standards like DIDComm v2 and Hyperledger Aries components in order to bridge the Cardano SSI users to the wider SSI community. At the same time we are maturing the mobile app to be available on iOS and the web and are including commercial grade storage, backup, and encryption.

RootsWallet Alpha

Quick Demo

RootsWallet at Consensus 2022

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RootsWallet Alpha Release GIFs

RootsID SSI Report - E1

June 2022

RootsWallet Catalyst Fund7 closeout presentation

Several RootsWallet proposals have been funded by the Cardano Catalyst community in Fund 8!

Latest RootsWallet Slides

Roots Wallet v3

Esteban talks WAL CLI and RootsWallet

LATAM IdeaFest WAL-CLI and RootsWallet

RootsWallet has been funded by the Cardano Catalyst community in Fund 7!

Fund7 Results Final.pdf

Catalyst Community Advisors ranked our proposal 2nd out of 56 proposals!

Nice Credential Map!

Trust over IP guide to Decentralized Digital Identity

Decentralized Identity Intro Video